Testimonials for Sensory Stepping Stones


“After doing the Sensory Learningsm Program, Interactive Metronome® and CAVT Programs our daughter’s ability to focus has helped her perform better in all areas. She is finding that math is much easier for her, and can understand the concepts much quicker. Homework is getting done more efficiently as well. Writing is not as overwhelming as it once was. She now uses an organizer or checklist when tackling a writing assignment.”

Age 10 – Attention/Visual /Auditory Processing

“Our daughter has made improvements in many areas since coming to Sensory Stepping Stones, some more than others. Her ability to focus and complete academic tasks has significantly improved and her math skills are much better too. She still struggles with expressive language but improvements have been noticed. Her gross motor skills are better and her balance and bilateral coordination has greatly improved. I believe that all of the programs (Sensory LearningSM Program, Interactive Metronome®/Timocco®, PlayAttention®, BrainTrain -Cognitive, Memory & Reading Programs) have helped to contribute to how far she has come!”

Age 7 – Attention/Visual /Auditory Processing

“The Sensory Learningsm Program helped me greatly. I am able to drive and negotiate the road more confidently seeing the cars and activity on the road easier. The Play Attention® Program helped me to concentrate easier in school. My reading rate and comprehension were also increased from the CAVT program.”

Age 17 – ADD

“Our son does not have a diagnosis, but we wanted to help him with balance and coordination. The Sensory Learningsm Program and Interactive Metronome® gave him more than that. He has better eye contact & interacts more effectively with his peers. Everyone has commented on how well he is also playing basketball & performing at gymnastics. He got just the boost he needed.”

Age 10 – Coordination/Processing/Strength Training

“Melissa is exceptional in every aspect. Her dedication and commitment to the programs she offers is superior. Despite the rigor of some of the programs, my kids look forward to meeting with her and her team. The regular progress reports are very helpful in understanding the impact of each of the programs. (Sensory Learningsm Program, Interactive Metronome®, PlayAttention®, BrainTrain-Memory Gym & CAVT Programs) Melissa and the programs offered at Sensory Stepping Stones are the forefront of alternative learning without the use of medication.”

Age 12 & 8 – ADHD/ADD

“The Sensory Learningsm Program has been informational. As a school psychologist by trade it has made me much more aware of the importance of the dominant ear & how important it is to know what ACTUAL information is sent to the brain. The first notable difference was my son’s ability to carry a tune. He has been much more aware of other’s feelings and spontaneously saying “sorry” and “thank you”. These things did not come easy to him.”

Age 8 – Sensory Processing Disorder

“Our daughter has been gaining confidence and understanding regularly since finishing the Sensory Learningsm Program. She is obviously understanding more that comes her way. She does not seem to be as anxious as we have been able to break some habits that we believe were due to anxiety relief. Still have issues, but we just don’t seem to place much emphasis on them and the tensions are relaxing.”

Age 12 – Anxiety, OCD

“I am delighted and thankful for all the therapies that my son has received (Sensory Learningsm Program & Interactive Metronome®). He has demonstrated significant improvement, particularly with mood. His moods are more stable and his management of transitions has greatly improved. I cannot speak to academics until he goes back to school, but I expect improvement there also. In addition to the measurable changes, my son has appreciated all the attention given by Melissa in helping him feel better and to improve his quality of life. Melissa is an expert clinician and kind and gentle person.”

Age 9 – ADHD, ODD

“Our son has become more talkative, especially about his feelings and his thoughts which are more formed. He has even been able to tell a sequence of events/steps on several occasions and he has never been able to do this in the past!”

Age 11 – Epilepsy, Acute Leukemia in Remission

“We believe that the Sensory Learningsm Program helped our son in many ways. His athletic abilities have increased greatly. Also his verbal expression has expanded noticeably. The tantrums of frustration are seldom expressed now which is fantastic!”

Age 5 – Sensory & Focus Issues

“Listening and processing information has progressively felt more effortless over the past few months since completing the Sensory Learningsm Program and continues to improve. Simple tasks are much easier and I feel a lot more relaxed as well as alert.”

Age 19 – Anxiety & Focusing Issues

“After The Sensory Learningsm Program our son can now follow directions in Tae Kwando with much more ease. For the first time, the start of the school year is not filled with violence. He can handle stress in a much healthier way. His social interactions are more age-appropriate.”

Age 8 – Anxiety, ODD

“Our son enjoyed The Sensory Learningsm Program and seems to be noticing more details in the world around him. While he can still be stubborn and strong willed, I think that he more readily adapts to situations and environments if expectations are made clear to him and he is held accountable for his actions.”

Age 10 – Autism Spectrum Disorder

“After the Sensory Learningsm Program I have noticed that my daughter takes notice of more of her surroundings (larger field of vision). She is also much more inquisitive about people and places. She is using more sentence structure and engaging in more conversation. She is able to communicate her feelings more.”

Age 6 – Developmental Delays

“The Sensory Learningsm Program was helpful to our daughter in a few ways. First, she has significantly improved her attention and focus. Second, her peripheral vision has gotten a lot better. She is able to process what she sees and hears with greater ease. Finally, she is using her time more efficiently and completing tasks on time.”

Age 9 – Attentional Issues, Auditory & Visual Processing Delays

“My experience with the Sensory Learningsm Program has been very positive and life-changing. My anxiety levels have diminished greatly and I am able to easily adapt to stressful situations. Completing school work is easier due to my increased focus. Test taking has become more successful and easier for me.”

Age 21 – Learning Delays

“The Sensory Learningsm Program has changed my life for the better. I’ve been given the opportunity to be a better person and follow through on the goals I’ve set. Before this program, every and any interruption prevented me from getting through daily tasks and clouded my better judgment. This would drain me mentally and physically. It is amazing having a second chance to a better life. Sensory Stepping Stones has allowed me to have this, drug-free. I am forever grateful!”

Age 38 – ADHD, Anxiety

“Since completing the Sensory Learningsm Program we have seen an improvement in levels of anxiety. He is more relaxed. His speech pattern is more casual. He is more confident and more tolerant in general. He has been able to see his own progress and is proud of himself. It has given him a boost and supported his maturation. He is able to communicate how he is feeling and to problem solve and find compromises that make him feel more comfortable in his own skin and with others.”

Age 8 – Sensory Processing Disorder

“He has been showing so many signs. He recently started middle school, he is participating in class, and he enjoys reading and writing. He is much more responsible. He is much more aware of his surroundings He is good emotionally. We always had trouble with transitioning to new schedules- it has been good. No homework arguing either.”

Age 12 – ADHD

“The most significant difference following the Sensory Learningsm Program was noticed when he started school again. Normally the transition results in constant violent behavior at home. The violence was greatly reduced. There was less screaming, hitting and self-harm. His proprioceptive sense is also more normalized…he can recognize his body better spatially and this has greatly improved his performance in Tae Kwon Do.”

Age 8 – Autism Spectrum, Anxiety, ODD

“The Sensory Learningsm Program has been very helpful to our son. The results are not immediate but are significant and noticeable. He is aware when he is becoming distracted or loses his focus on a task and is starting to redirect himself. His visual tracking has improved tremendously. It’s a great stress-free program.”

Age 9 – Auditory Processing Disorder, Learning Delays, ADHD

“Prior to starting the Sensory Learningsm Program our home life was angry, stressful, and very little peace was found in our home. Over the past several months we have seen huge improvements in behavior. Life at home is much more enjoyable. Our daughter has been able to transition much better, express her emotions easier without blowing up. She is able to say sorry after outbursts and when she does have them they are much shorter in duration. Our lives have improved so much at home. School is getting a bit better, but I know with time it will be just as successful as the results have been at home.”

Age 10 – ADHD

“Sensory Stepping Stones was extremely instrumental in my son’s success he had in the 6th grade. We went from a consistent C student to an Honor Roll/High Honor Roll student. His comprehension, visual processing and concentration changed drastically due to the different therapies provided. The auditory processing piece has also changed dramatically as our Audiologist noted in her most recent reports.”

Age 12 – ADHD

“Our son’s ability to communicate about his feelings improved dramatically during and after the Sensory Learningsm Program. Even when he is emotionally very upset, he is able to talk about how he is feeling instead of having a tantrum. He seems more self-aware and is more settled in his own body.”

Age 9 – Sensory Integration Disorder

“At this point, 6 months after the Sensory Learningsm Program, our son’s excelling in sports, following the rules and staying engaged. His ability to participate in group conversations has improved. We notice an improvement in the anxiety he was having especially since we have stopped giving him the medication, as he has asked not to have to take it anymore. So far, the school year is going well, grades are slowly improving. He is able to discuss his day at school with more details and speaks of interactions with the other students.”

Age 9 – ADHD, Language Impairment

“Our son is much calmer and can change from one task to another much easier. His coloring ability has greatly improved. He took on the challenge of being in a play this summer and I would have never guessed he would do this as it would have been overstimulating for him. His handwriting is still not legible but better overall. Academics appear unchanged but he has always been intellectually competent.”

Age 9 – Sensory Processing Disorder

“Since coming to Sensory Stepping Stones our son has been able to notice when he is becoming distracted or losing focus. He also realizes what he needs to do to refocus and applies these behaviors. He has been able to learn how to ride a bike, something we have been trying to accomplish for years but was afraid that his brain would just do the opposite of what he wanted it to do!”

Age 10 – Auditory Processing Disorder

“The combination of the Sensory Learningsm Program and all the lab programs (the works) has been a wonderful experience for our grandson. Although he still has a lot of ADHD issues, problems with executive functioning and making impulsive decisions, he now is willing to stick with difficult tasks (homework) longer and is able to catch and throw a ball! He loves the lab programs and we can’t wait to begin the Reading program!”

Age 9 – ADHD/Visual Tracking Issues

“Essentially, the Sensory Learningsm Program appears to have helped my six-year-old son connect his head to his body. He is running for the sake of running, he is drawing bodies instead of just heads, and after a year of fruitless effort, Alex just rode his bike for the first time the other day.”

Lisa R.

“Speaking as an OT, I am very impressed with how the Sensory Learningsm Program is helping the motor development of the children in my practice. After working with a couple of three-year-olds for almost a year, I saw residual primitive reflexes which should have been gone between seven and twelve months of age disappear by the end of the twelve session days.”

Tara M., M.O.T. R/L, Occupational Therapist

“As a Speech and Language Pathologist, I find the Sensory Learningsm Program an incredibly valuable resource. We find our clients that have gone through the Program to be much more responsive to therapy, they attend better, and their ability to learn is improved.”

Robbie W., M.A., CCC-SLP

“When I first brought my son, he was struggling with his school performance and he didn’t like to go to school. He would often space out and get off task. He was fidgety, easily bored and frequently needed redirection. My son has improved his grades and his ability to get his schoolwork done quickly and no longer shows signs of hyperactivity. Most important, he no longer battles me about getting his homework done and is able to get his work done much quicker. Overall, he is a much happier kid. I would highly recommend the cognitive training program to other parents whose kids are struggling with academic performance and have ADHD.”

Jean M.