Sensory Stepping Stones - Sensory Processing Therapies

You’re heartbroken that you don’t know how to help your child.

Everyday, you’re living in a haze of worry and doubt,
and you’re afraid that your child is never going to have a normal life.

You notice your child struggling to do the things that come so easily to other children and it hurts your heart to watch his or her frustration grow. She has trouble sitting still and paying attention and you just don’t understand how she can be so smart, yet have so much difficulty in school. You know without a doubt how caring and loving he is, and it beats you up inside that he has no real friends. 

When you sought out traditional ways to help your child, your family arrived at either short-term solutions or techniques that did not address the real issues. 

We know how painful it is to constantly worry about what the day holds for your child. You’re left wondering if there is truly anyone who can save your child and your family.

Sensory Stepping Stones is here to help.

Our holistic programs can help your child live a more confident life. 

She will start each day more stable and ready to participate in the world. He will believe in himself knowing he has peers who truly care about him.

What are some signs that there may be a Processing or Sensory Problem?

  • Difficulty focusing on a task, easily distracted
  • Acting without thinking
  • Trouble being still
  • Difficulty getting along with peers
  • Impatient, impulsive and/or lacking in self control
  • Doesn’t seem to hear what people say
  • “Tunes out” others frequently
  • Overly or Under-reactive to touch, movement, sights and/or sound
  • Activity level that is unusually high or unusually low
  • Physical clumsiness or apparent carelessness
  • Difficulty making transitions from one situation to another
  • Inability to unwind or calm self

If this sounds like your child, click here to learn more about how we can help.

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