Sensory Stepping Stones’ Program Testimonials

"Essentially, the Sensory LearningSM Program appears to have helped my six year-old son connect his head to his body. He is running for the sake of running, he is drawing bodies instead of just heads, and after a year of fruitless effort, Alex just rode his bike for the first time the other day."
Lisa R.

"Speaking as an OT, I am very impressed with how the Sensory LearningSM Program is helping the motor development of the children in my practice. After working with a couple of three year olds for almost a year, I saw residual primitive reflexes which should have been gone between seven and twelve months of age disappear by the end of the twelve session days."
Tara M., M.O.T. R/L, Occupational Therapist

"As a Speech and Language Pathologist, I find the Sensory LearningSM Program an incredibly valuable resource. We find our clients that have gone through the Program to be much more responsive to therapy, they attend better, and their ability to learn is improved."
Robbie W., M.A., CCC-SLP

"When I first brought my son, he was struggling with his school performance and he didn’t like to go to school. He would often space out and get off task. He was fidgety, easily bored and frequently needed redirection. My son has improved his grades and his ability to get his schoolwork done quickly and no longer shows signs of hyperactivity. Most important, he no longer battles me about getting his homework done and is able to get his work done much quicker. Overall, he is a much happier kid. I would highly recommend the cognitive training program to other parents whose kids are struggling with academic performance and have ADHD."
Jean M.

Additional testimonials available upon request