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The Listening Program ®

What is The Listening Program®?
The Listening Program ® (TLP) is a home-based sound stimulation auditory training method influenced by the sound theories of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and three decades of clinical experience. Combining beautiful classical music, nature sounds, and innovative sound processing techniques, TLP promotes active listening and improves auditory perception. This program may be of benefit to children and adults with sound sensitivities, hearing loss, learning and attention deficits, receptive and expressive language problems, perceptual difficulties, developmental delays, and other auditory processing problems.

The TLP program consists of specially developed music on several CDs or downloaded on a special IPod. Each TLP CD contains progressive segments that last 15 minutes each. The segments are comprised of re-arranged, specially engineered classical music and nature sounds. A typical listening schedule consists of two 15-minute sessions per day, five days per week, however with supervision, a specific listening schedule can be easily modified to meet the needs of the person. This program is easily implemented at home, but always is administered under the supervision of a trained TLP provider, such as Sensory Stepping Stones. The Listening Program® is offered to both our clients and also to individuals who are interested in an auditory program but are not participating in one of our comprehensive developmental programs. Long distance supervision via email or phone is available to those who cannot come into the office on a regular basis.

What is TLP For?
The main goal of TLP is two-fold: to improve (1) auditory tonal processing and (2) active listening (i.e. auditory attention). As these skills improve through the music and therapeutic techniques of TLP, we see improvements in a number of functional areas, including: listening, sensory function, learning, speech and language, reading, attention, memory, auditory processing, ability to process specific frequencies of sound, vestibular function, and sound sensitivities. This program can be used with many individuals who have a diagnosis but there is no need for a diagnosis in order to benefit from this program; an individual simply needs to demonstrate weaknesses or difficulties in some of the functional areas, such as sound sensitivity, focusing in the presence of background sound, or speech and language development.

How to Get Started with TLP
TLP is a program that is only provided by a supervised TLP provider such as Sensory Stepping Stones. The “treatment” of TLP is already built into the program, so it does not require specific standardized testing to be completed prior to initiating the program. Candidacy for and use of the program is based on the functional information provided by the parents. TLP can be implemented in the office or as a home program. Consultation via phone and e-mail has proven to be an efficient, cost-effective means of supervision of this therapy if in person consultation is difficult.